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" Once we begin to celebrate what our body does rather than obsessing on how it looks, we start to appreciate our body as an instrument rather than an ornament. "

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*sees dog* that is the most beautiful dog i’ve ever seen
*sees another dog* that is the most beautiful dog i’ve ever seen
*sees third dog* that is the most beautiful dog i’ve ever seen

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" Nobody can teach me who I am. You can describe parts of me, but who I am - and what I need - is something I have to find out myself. "

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Temple of Horus at Edfu, Egypt.

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Do you know what I think of when someone asks for solidarity? I think of cops. Nobody shows more solidarity than cops. You could have a cop on video beating the crap out of someone, with a dozen of his fellow cops standing there watching, and not a one will cross that blue line to do what is right . . .

Solidarity is about group cohesion, which means you have to see value in group belonging. And I don’t. I’ve never wanted to belong to a group. All too often, group belonging means conformity. It’s why the Amish all dress the same. It’s why every kid in middle school has to run out and buy the same pair of jeans as their friends . . .

If you want me to do something or support something, do not appeal to me on the basis of group identity. Appeal to me on principle. Appeal to a real human relationship that we have. If I think your cause is just, I’ll be there . . .

If you just want solidarity, join the mob or the white nationalists or the police force.


- Melanie Pinkert, Solidarity? (via anarchei)

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" It’s not just Michael Brown getting killed. It’s not just Ferguson where the police are an occupying army. It’s not just Darren Wilson, and it’s not just a few bad apples. These problems are structural, and have to be addressed at the root. "


Gail Albert Halaban: Paris Views, courtesy of Edwynn Houk Gallery.

I thought these were screen-caps from Rear Window.

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